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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Do you have questions about family history or genealogy?

If you have any questions about family history or genealogy, I can help you find the answers. Please use this website as a place to ask for help. I may not know the answer immediately, but I can certainly tell you where to go or who to talk to to get the answer. So please, at any time, feel free to leave a comment asking a question.

Now I have been consistently asking that same question to hundreds of classes and presentations that I have done over the years. Sometimes I get questions, sometimes I don't. But the questions always fall into very predictable and definable categories. That is why I feel safe in making this offer. One very important thing however you must know, I am usually more than likely to end up asking you questions back about the problem. Usually the questions asked are too vague to answer and I need more details.

Additionally, I find that when I tell someone the answer to their question they are not usually happy with the answer. Genealogy is very open ended. There are usually no simple answers. My answer may involve a great deal of work on your part. You have to be prepared to do the work and usually, you will find the answer yourself.

We must also be realistic. Some questions have no answers at all. There are real end-of-line situations in genealogy all the time. If that is the case, then you need to know that and move on. Perhaps through time, the answer will become available.

OK. So start asking.

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  1. I'm a family history consultant for my ward. How can I encourage people without my own enthusiasm putting them off? What is the most successful way that you have found to get others interested and actually WORKING on their family history research?