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Friday, June 27, 2014

Using the FamilySearch Research Wiki

It may not occur to most visitors to, but one of the most valuable tools on the website is the Research Wiki. The Research Wiki is a vast collection of articles detailing how genealogy is done, where to find sources and what to do with those sources once they are found. Because of the huge number of contributors, this website has become the most comprehensive reference guide to genealogy in existence.

The link to the Research Wiki is contained in the drop-down menu under the Search link on the startup page. Here is a screenshot showing the location of the Search link. Hovering over the link with show the drop-down menu.

The startup page of the Research Wiki contains links to get you started in using this reference tool.

For example, if you were just starting out in accumulating records about your family, this page of the Research Wiki, entitled "Begin your genealogy quest" will give you several ways to get started.

If you are an expert or very advanced in genealogy, there is still a lot to learn from the Research Wiki. For example, here is an article that begins the series of articles on land and property:

The Research Wiki is not a place to go to search for your ancestors. It is the place to go to find out how and where to find the information you need to find them. Take some time to follow the links and I am sure you will be amazed at the amount of information that is already in this huge reference site.

If you do find a page or article that is incomplete, look at that as an invitation to contribute your own knowledge. Any who wants to take the time, can add in their own knowledge and experience. Go to the startup page for links to how to get started contributing.

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