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Thursday, July 24, 2014

FamilySearch Indexing Volunteers Set Historic Record

Following the International Day of Indexing on the 20th and 21st of July, 2014, FamilySearch announced the results of the effort in a blog post by Emma Young entitled, "FamilySearch Volunteers Set Historic Record." Here are the results:
FamilySearch volunteers are amazing! On July 20th and 21st, FamilySearch indexers and arbitrators from around the world joined together to set an international record for the greatest number of indexing participants in a single day! We hoped to have an unprecedented 50,000 contributors in a 24 hour period. FamilySearch volunteers excelled, surpassing that goal by 16,511! That’s right—66,511 participants in one day! Incredible! We are grateful for the patience and persistence of many volunteers who faced technical difficulties due to an overwhelming response.
The rest of the results were outlined as follows:
  • Indexed: 4,682,746
  • Arbitrated: 941,932
  • Total Records Processed: 5.7 million

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