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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Recent Updates and Additions to FamilySearch

Every so often, FamilySearch publishes a summary of the updates to the website, usually those changes made to Family Tree. It is very helpful to have these summaries because otherwise there is no place that the information is conveniently displayed. The guidebook to Family Tree has not been updated since 18 October 2013 and many changes have been made to the program since that time. 

This month's updates are summarized by Steve Anderson in a blog post entitled, "What’s New: Recent Updates and Additions to the FamilySearch Website—July 2014." Here is the list of links to the announcements of the most recent changes:
I will continue to write about each of the updates individually, but I hope to also provide a link to the summary's as they are published so there is a double-check on the changes. 

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