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Friday, July 18, 2014

Update on Mobile Apps for FamilySearch: Tree and Memories

There are some surprises in the new FamilySearch apps, Tree and Memories, for both iOS and Android. I was able to find both apps in the Apple App Store, but I was only able to find the Tree app in Google Play's Apps, so far. The big news in addition to the introduction of the apps themselves, is the addition of sound recordings to both apps. The Apps will allow sound recordings of up to 15 minutes in length. However, although the recordings are preserved, they are not yet available, as of the date of this post, on's Memories program.

So far, the Details for individuals in's Family Tree are not yet editable by using the apps, but I assume that will be forthcoming.

If you are aware of the restrictions on photos and documents uploaded to Family Tree's Memories, you will realize that every item uploaded is actually reviewed by a live person at FamilySearch. It will be unlikely that this will be the case with the recordings, so if there is a recording that is not acceptable because of content (not just because you disagree with the genealogy or whatever), you can use the "Report Abuse" link to report the unacceptable content. The change to user edited content from the FamilySearch review only applies to audio files.

When you try to view sources using the Tree app, you might find that opening the source refers you to the Web location referenced. There does not seem to be a way to see the same information recorded in the sources on the Details pages of the individuals. The Tree app does allow you to upload photos, stories and audio files directly to the online Family Tree, but there is no mention of documents.

There is a link to view your "History List" of people you have viewed and visited since you reset the list.

As you get into the apps, you will likely find other features I have not yet discovered. I might also note that the Get Help menu in has changed. There are a number of help topics if you search in the Help Center for the Tree app or the Memories app. It appears that many of the functions of the apps require a live connection to the Internet or the option of downloading six generations of your ancestry on Family Tree.

Here is a screenshot of the new listings in the Get Help link:

I suggest clicking on the Help Center link and then searching for "Tree app" and "Memories app." Here is a screenshot of the results of the search for Tree app:

You can click to enlarge the image. As I get time to get into the Help Center topics, I will provide more information about specific features of the apps.

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