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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Research Hints in FamilySearch Family Tree

The Descendancy View in's Family Tree opens up a new world of adding sources and correcting entries. For example, here is a screenshot of my much documented Great-grandfather, Henry Martin Tanner, and his family:

The arrows point to three different types of icons that provide additional information about the individuals in the family. The explanation for the icons is in the pull-down menu on the extreme right-hand side of the screen:

Here is a screenshot of the menu items:

You can see that most of the icons for this particular family are for Record Hints. This emphasis on adding source records to the Family Tree is extremely valuable and more than welcome. This screenshot shows the Record Hints for my Great-grandmother, Eliza Ellen Parkinson Tanner.

The other colored icons suggest additional research, or in the case of the blue Temple icon, confirmation of previously done Temple Ordinances or the history of the present attempts to re-do the ordinances. This is crucial information in the attempt to limit or eliminate duplication of the ordinances.

Each of the levels of the Descendancy View can be expanded to show more members of the descendant family and therefore more opportunities to add sources and expand or correct data problems.

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