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Monday, October 20, 2014

FamilySearch Memories Pages Updated has implemented some addition features to the Memories Page primarily dealing with changes to the Photos. The announcement was featured in a blog post by Jeff Hawkins on the FamilySearch Blog, entitled, "Updated Features on the Memories Page." The post explains:
When you attach or detach a memory (photo, story, document, or audio file) for a person in Family Tree, you can add a reason statement to whatever you’ve added. A reason statement helps explain why you are attaching or detaching the item. Sometimes this helps provide a useful historical perspective to the memory being added.
In looking at the program, I see that additional information has been added to the tagging view page. Here is a screenshot with an arrow showing the new information:

The post explains this new function as follows:
When you view a page that shows a photograph and the names of the people in the photo are attached to people in Family Tree, more than just the names of the people are displayed. Now some of the personal information from Family Tree is also displayed for each person in the photo.
The post presents two more changes. The first is the ability to include a "reason statement" when attaching or detaching an item that are tracked in the change log. I find this to be helpful, but what would be more helpful is the ability to edit or remove photos, such as wrong identifications or duplicate photos, from other users. The last change is the addition of a verification screen when you add a link by using the PID (identification number) rather than a name.

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