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Thursday, October 2, 2014

More Changes to FamilySearch Family Tree

Two new changes to's Family Tree were recently implemented. One announcement was entitled "More Ordinance Information on the Traditional and Descendancy Views" and the other was entitled, "Changes to Memories Are Now Included in the List of Latest Changes."

The changes to the traditional and descendancy views adds more information about the status of the ordinances. Here is a screenshot of the new dialogue box:

The blog post states:
You can now see more information about temple ordinances on the traditional pedigree and descendancy view.
When you click a temple icon for “Needs More Information,” “In Progress,” or “Ordinances Complete,” you will see a display of the ordinances. If you click the Expand link, you will see more details, including ordinance dates (if the dates are available).
The additional changes to the program add Memories to the Latest Changes list. This is what the post says:
In the past, only changes to an individual’s details page were those changes shown in the Latest Changes list. Now, when you attach, detach, and modify a photograph, a story or a document in the memories pages, those actions are tracked in Latest Changes.
I suppose we can expect changes almost constantly for the foreseeable future.

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