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Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Flood of FamilySearch Blog Posts

For a long time, seemed to treat blogging as the last thing on their mind. When FamilySearch blog posts would come out, they came out every couple of weeks in bursts of three or four. Over time FamilySearch blogging became more regular and predictable. Well, presently, it seems like they have become entirely consumed with blog posts. Just as an example, I thought I would go back about seven days and give a list of posts I have received. Hmm. When I started to go back I cut the number of days to three. Yes, folks, this is the last three days of posts from FamilySearch. Now, there are a very few that are very specifically targeted at a very small audience that I have excluded, but here are most of the blog posts:
Mind you, I am not complaining. It is really about time FamilySearch started communicating at this level. The problem I see is that most of these blogs are "trapped" in the obscure link to the blog on the very bottom of the startup page. Here is a screenshot with an arrow pointing to the link:

Putting out that much information is not valuable if it is not getting to the target audience. I have no illusions about blog posting. I have been at this for about 8 years now and have written 3540 posts. But guess what? I can count the number of people in my own Ward that even know I write a blog on one hand, much less actually read it. I still know a lot of people who have no idea that blogs even exist. But it is comforting to know that FamilySearch is now putting forth the effort.


  1. I couldn't agree more about the blogs being hidden. The Family Tree blogs are a little more conspicuous after clicking on the What's New call-out icon on the FT menu. But all others are fairly well hidden, as are so many other things on It is just toooo big and cumbersome. That is one of the reasons for our fairly new website where we try to group only FT issues, tutorials, etc. together. I would suggest FS do the same. Gather all the blogs together around similar issues, or something like that. It is inconvenient having to scroll through all blogs to find the one you want.

    1. Cathy, are the 18 categories listed in the right-hand column of the FamilySearch blog page not relevant groupings for you?

    2. What is not obvious is that you have to subscribe to each category. You do not automatically get every one of the categories listed. Have you gotten post from each of those categories? Also, without clicking on the categories, you do not see that particular category of post. Not very transparent.

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  3. Thanks, I see what you mean now.