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Saturday, January 24, 2015

FamilySearch Family Tree Lists and Filters Family Tree has several ways to list information and to filter the results from a search. The first, and most obvious of these is the list of Family Tree views in the upper left-hand corner of the view screen. Here is a screenshot showing the pull-down menu of view options and the links to show a different number of generations for the Descendancy View:

If you go to a detail page, there are additional lists and pull-down menus. If you are signed in with an LDS Account, you may see several different colored icons from the Ordinance view. There is a link to the "Legend" in the right-hand corner that gives the following explanation:

  • Completed
  • Request
  • Not Printed
  • Printed
  • Waiting
  • Shared
  • Shared Printed
  • Not Available
  • Not Needed
The categories correspond to colored icons that may or may not be visible for any particular individual. 

At the top of the Detail page, there is a link for "Lists." There are two options, "People I'm Watching" and "Changes to People I'm Watching." Here is a screenshot of part of my "People I'm Watching" list:

Below the link to the list, there is a filter box that lets you filter the list by entering a surname, a first name or any other identifying information. Here's what happens when I filter the list for the word "Massachusetts."

You can experiment with different filter terms and see how it affects your list of watched individuals. You will also see that the headings on the list are also pull-down menus that will let you change the arrangement of the Watch List. The lists will be sorted according to your selections. 

You can also see only those people in the list who have had changes. The list shows up in chronological order. You can also hide the changes you have made to see only what other people have changed. Here is a screenshot with arrows showing the link to the Changes list and the checkbox to hide the changes you have made. 

The names in the list are linked to the individual's Detail Page. 

You may want to click on other links and menu items in the Family Tree to see other possible features of the program. 

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  1. You can also sort within the temple file by holding down the shift key. So say select Gender > male. Then hold shift and select an ordinance like baptism, then not printed, or sort by date reserved seeing the earliest. And it filters down to only a few choices. Cool.