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Monday, February 23, 2015

New Changes to -- February, 2015 Edition

The increase in the number of records being attached to Family Tree
I am guessing that has a New Year's Resolution to put out more timely notice of the changes to the program. Evidence of this resolution is in a blog post dated 23 February 2015, entitled "What’s New on FamilySearch—February, 2015." During RootsTech 2015, I heard a comment made by a FamilySearch representative that they were making about three changes a "day" to the program. My subjective observations through using the program, say that the statement is likely true.

The chart above illustrates one dramatic effect of the Record Hints that were recently added to According to the statistics in the post, these are the numbers. Theses numbers do not include the 579 million new record hints that were attached to the Family Tree on 22 January 2015.
Hinting by the numbers:
  • December 23: We released 14 million new record hints.
  • January 22: We released another 570 million new record hints.
  • On average, 98 percent of the hints are accurate.
  • Because of the January 22 release, record hints were added to 120 million deceased people who did not have hints before.
  • Approximately 1 out of every 10 records attached also adds a new person to Family Tree.
  • 6 million hints are now attached to Family Tree.
  • Over a million records are being added to Family Tree each week.
  • On Sunday, January 25, we hit an all-time record high with 197,090 hints attached to Family Tree.
Included in the post are descriptions of the following:

  • Enhanced Attach Records Refinements
  • Improvements for Transferring Information to Family Tree from Your My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together Booklet
  • The FamilySearch Gallery

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