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Friday, July 17, 2015

I Am a Pioneer from FamilySearch -- New Records Reveal Previously Unknown Pioneers

In a blog post by Paul G. Nauta, entitled "New Records Reveal Previously Unknown Mormon Pioneers," FamilySearch and the The Church History Library announced:
In a collaboration between the Church History Library and FamilySearch, individuals can now discover and explore more of their pioneer heritage on the newly redesigned Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel website that also includes information about previously unknown pioneers. In addition to discovering your pioneer ancestors, new features enable people to read their ancestors’ personal journals, see available photos, and learn key details about major events in their ancestors’ lives. 
Since the site was first launched, an influx of pioneer documentation has allowed historians to reconcile and expand their understanding of the trek west. The site now includes information about more than 57,000 individuals in 370 pioneer companies, with thousands of original trail excerpts that are authoritatively documented. “This is an extremely significant database,” said Keith Erekson, Church History Library Director. “It reveals so much about individual pioneers and their experiences, but it also offers fresh new insights about their collective experience.” Site updates include the ability to submit family photographs of pioneers and to link to digital copies of sources on the Internet. There are also new articles of interest, including humorous stories from the trail.
In conjunction with this new website update, FamilySearch is encouraging individuals today to see themselves as modern-day pioneers. Here is the excerpt.

Millions of people continue to be inspired by the courage, faith, and triumphs of the Mormon pioneers. Many of us are unknowingly modern pioneers, whose courage, personal achievements, and applied faith will be equally inspiring to future posterity and generations. This updated site will be featured in the international “I Am a Pioneer” social media campaign (#IAmAPioneer) that will encourage individuals today to see themselves as modern-day pioneers and recognize the need to readily capture their stories of triumph online for future generations. Learn more about this initiative at


  1. Yep. That was my presentation at the BYU FH library last Sunday. Very nice.

  2. Folks need to couple this search through the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel site with looking at After signing in, your known pioneers display as active links to their pages on Family Tree, to your relationship to them, to the Company they came on, and to their stories. Very easy.
    It is not perfect however. When I sign in as one of my children, the pioneer ancestors listed are not correct. There is a feedback link that needs to be clicked to inform of errors. But it is still cool.