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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

WikiTree now connects to the Family Tree

The Family Tree is not the only wiki-based online family tree program. In fact, there are several very active such programs. However, the first of these to connect directly to the Family Tree is An App in the App Gallery appeared to facilitate the connection between the two programs. By the way, if you want to see all of the apps in the App Gallery, you need to make a choice from the menu to see all of the categories. I think it strange, that the default view does not include all of the apps. Here's a screenshot of the link to the App.

 The green icon indicates that the app is FamilySearch certified.

Obviously, to take advantage of this particular app, you need to be registered both on and on The app is described as follows:
This web-based application automatically searches the FamilySearch Tree for likely matches from your WikiTree Watchlist. It enables you to evaluate the matches and then create permanent links from profiles on to FamilySearch IDs.
The nature of the connection between the two programs is further explained in an article entitled FamilySearch Connections located on the website. Quoting from the article, you should note, that "when you make a connection with the app a link is added to the person's WikiTree profile page." This is the extent of the connection.

As I have discussed from time to time in this blog, there is an ongoing controversy about the accuracy of online family tree programs in general. Since these programs are user generated there is a concern about their accuracy and their position as "sources." To some extent, this issue is sidestepped by allowing a visual connection between the two programs. This allows the users to evaluate the accuracy of either entry. There is of course, substantial duplication between the two programs. But this duplication is useful, just as all redundancy is not bad. Redundancy between two such large programs will aid users in determining whether accurate information about a particular ancestor exists in either tree.

Now, those who are putting their information into the Family Tree have ways to review family tree information in several large online family tree programs. Overall, this should promote consistency between the programs. However, this will only be the case if the users recognize the need to record source information consistently.

On the other hand, the average user will probably feel overwhelmed at the prospect of maintaining several family trees in different programs.

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