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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Substantial Upgrade to Puzzilla Premium Version Premium Version has a tremendously useful upgrade. It is easier to illustrate than explain. If you are not familiar with the program, you select an ancestor from a chart that looks like this:

Each of the dots represents a person in the Family Tree. This is a chart showing me as the starting person at the bottom of the chart. If you click on or hover over a node (dot) the program reveals the name of the person. Like this:

This is a very convenient feature. But now, with the upgrade to the Premium Version, if you key in Control-i (hold down the Control Key and type "i") then you get the following:

Now, all the names appear. Here is a zoomed in version of the same image:

By typing Control - i again, you can see the following:

Another entry of Control - i brings up the following;

So, with the new version, you can toggle between dots, names, dates and places. Typing Control -i again takes you back to dots. This only seems to work in the Premium Version for a $39.95 annual fee.

Of course, this also works on the Descendancy View. Here is the regular Descendancy View

 Here is what the view looks like with one iteration of the view with the Control - i clicked:

You can zoom in to see the detail. You can cycle through the dates and places also.

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