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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Merging Issue in the FamilySearch Family Tree

I was recently asked to teach two classes on "Merging" as it applies to the Family Tree. It so happens that the merging issue is the most visible of the issues still facing as a consequence of the inheritance from the old program. Whether or not you have seen the following notice recently depends entirely on the vagaries of your own family history.

As long as this notice appears we are still waiting for the Family Tree program to be completely and finally separated from the limitations imposed by I have mentioned this before, but here is the current explanation from the Family Tree Project Manager, Ron Tanner.

Meanwhile, there are thousands and thousands of duplicates that can be merged. Here is a list of some of the resources that help explain the process and the limitations of the process in more detail.

Merging Duplicate Records: Article Viewer — Help Center -- Family Tree -- search on merging

Duplicates in Family Tree |” 2016. Learning Center Merging Duplicates in Family Tree Family Tree Basics - Merging Duplicates Ron Tanner -- Merging Duplicate Records in FamilySearch Merging Names on Family Tree

Family Tree Quick Start Guide

Riverton FamilySearch Library

This is a long time issue with the Family Tree and there are those of us that will celebrate the day when the issue is finally resolved.

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