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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Update on the newly added features to FamilySearch

About once a month, FamilySearch updates the additions to the website. March, 2016 is no exception but the updates did come on almost the last day of the month (sort of like home teaching). Here is an overview of the new features from the blog post.

Oral Genealogies

FamilySearch describes the newly added oral genealogies as follows:
A new collection of unique and high-quality data is being added to the Genealogies search. Oral genealogies consist of large lineage-linked trees constructed from the memories of tribal, clan, or family leaders in Africa, Tonga, and other locations. Most trees come with attached audio, PDF, and image artifacts documenting the interviewee and the recorded family history from which the tree was generated. These represent the only family history that will likely be obtained from these locations and are believed to be highly accurate.
Updated Person Card

The person card is the popup card you get when you do a Find or search for a person. Here is an example of the updated card that appears when you click on a name for further information. It took me a while to figure out what they were talking about.

First Time Guide

This is a card that explains how to get started. You can order copies or print your own from a supplied PDF file. We have been using these for a while and they are a good orientation to Find, Take, Teach.

You can still print Ordinance Cards at the Temple

Click on the link above for the complete instructions.

FamilySearch Wiki Updated

I will be writing a lot more about this in the near future.

When you change information, how many users will be notified?

I heard this was coming. Here is the explanation from FamilySearch.
Soon, when you edit a person’s information in Family Tree, like birth or occupation, the system will display the number of users who are watching that person. Watching means that users have asked the system to let them know when any changes or additions are made to the person’s information in Family Tree. So when you change the information, that’s how many people will be notified by the system.
This will let you know how many messages you might get if you aren't careful with your changes. Good idea. Long overdue.

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