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Friday, September 30, 2016

Your New Logged In Homepage on
The Infographic above explains the elements of the new "Logged-in Homepage" for users. If you have opted for the Beta test of this format, you might be familiar with the layout and the elements. The ideas behind the new layout are explained in a FamilySearch blog post entitled, "New FamilySearch Design: Log In to Try It Out." As a side note, it would probably be a good idea if those writing about FamilySearch avoid the term "New FamilySearch" for a while until any possible confusion with the old program goes away. Here is a short quote from the post.
Regular users of FamilySearch may notice something different when they log in: we’ve changed things up a bit. 
A new logged-in design makes your time on FamilySearch more about you. You’ll see a history of what you have done lately, you’ll find hints about your ancestors we may have found in historical records, and you’ll discover the latest photos and stories added by your relatives. The new design has been rolled out to most users, and all users should see it within the next few weeks. 
The page is split in two: the left side is focused on inspiration while the right side provides tools and insights into your family history journey. Let’s take a look at each section.
I have already written a blog post about one of the new features in my post entitled, "The Mystery of "?" on the FamilySearch Family Tree." This problem showed up as a "Recommended Task" on my "new" startup page. Today the task has changed to the following:

It is sort of ironic that FamilySearch came up with this task since I have just written two blog posts on Genealogy's Star about the difficulties with this particular family and that particular record with the original image, had already been attached as a source. Hmm. Also, this particular box changes every time you return to the page. I can foresee some confusion over the fact that the content of the items change constantly.

However, there are some very helpful additions such as a "To-do" list and a list of some of the recent additions to the Family Tree and Memories. So don't be put off by this change, it is a good idea and gives some interesting insights into the website.

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