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Saturday, April 1, 2017

RootsFinder, a private alternative to the FamilySearch Family Tree

There are dozens of online family tree programs and making a choice among all the alternatives is quite a challenge. is a possible alternative for those who are wary of the open, collaborative structure of the Family Tree. The program is described as follows:
At RootsFinder we believe family history should be easy to research, easy to share, and most of all you should control your tree. At RootsFinder:
  • You decide who can edit your tree with our Free Forever Plan.
  • With our Pro Plan, you can make your tree private. Only people you invite can see your tree.
  • Sync with FamilySearch if you want to, but still get hints from FamilySearch, FindMyPast and others.
  • Download your tree from family search complete with memories and sources.
  • Add events to a whole family at once.
  • Copy online records directly into your tree with the RootsFinder Web clipper.
  • Enter data entry 60% faster.
I created a new family tree and then downloaded 4 generations from the I immediately got into a problem in that there appeared to be no way to merge or eliminate duplicates. I tried to delete a duplicate entry and immediately lost my family tree. Hmm. It seems like they have a ways to go before this program is entirely useful.

I will continue to work with the program and report back in a future post. Right now, it looks like I need to start over with a new tree.

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