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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Family History Training Presentations
There are a wealth of resources for family history callings and support on These are three PowerPoint presentations ready to be used to teach members, Temple and Family History Consultants and Leaders and Councils. Each of these can be downloaded to your own computer and used to teach the appropriate group. 

Each of the presentations is about 15 minutes long without any discussion time and comes with a prepared script that can be used by the presenter. You may need to check out the setup because the presentations have embedded videos. You will need a device to show the presentations that will support both Microsoft PowerPoint videos and sound if you use the inserted video segments. 

They could be shown on a monitor or projected onto a larger screen. Since I do presentations practically every week and sometimes many times during a week, I am prepared with my own projector and computer. I also take an assortment of "dongles" or connectors that can connect my computer to HDMI and VGA cables depending on what might be available from the devices that are available where the presentation is to be presented. 

Screens often become a challenge. I have shown my presentations on walls or whiteboards when a screen was not available. If there is a small group, you can show the presentation right on your computer or iPad or tablet. 

I had to import the presentations into Keynote on my iPad to view them and see the included video presentations. 

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