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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Additional Contact Methods Added to the Consultant Planner

The Consultant Planner has shown up on the Get Help menu replacing the "Help Others" link. Another addition is the ability to add someone from your Ward or Stake Directory. However, in going through that process, the program does not seem to add that person to your Consultant List but merely lets the Consultant work directly on the Ward or Stake member's portion of the Family Tree. Apparently, you have to add the connection data each time to help. I have yet to figure out how I am supposed to see the member's Consultant Planner.

Perhaps the person still needs to accept help by clicking on an email. This, of course, fails to address the problem I am running into with people who do not know how to access their email or who do not have an email address. Yes, there are still people out there who do not have regular access to email.

Here is a screen shot of the form you fill out to gain access the Ward or Stake member's portion of the Family Tree. This is not much better, in fact, more difficult, that the now abandoned method of working with a member through their Helper Number.

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