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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gospel Topics talks about Baptisms for the Dead has posted a substantial series of gospel related topics covering a huge variety of subjects. The section of topics is located in the "Teachings" link on the startup page of the website. The topics are organized alphabetically and it is relatively easy to review all the titles. No one is required to sign into the website to see and read these relatively short essays and links. They are available to anyone going to the website.

I was interested to see an article on "Baptisms for the Dead." There are other related topics on Family History and "Temples." Quoting from the Deseret News in an article entitled, "LDS Church enhances web pages on its history, doctrine" it says:
The improved pages are intended to use scholarship, historical perspectives and outside resources transparently to help parents answer questions children might come across online, church leaders said.
This is an interesting go-to place for authoritative statements from the Church on a variety of subjects, some very controversial in the past.  

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