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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Important Resources for Stake and Ward Indexing Programs

In a blog post of 12 December 2013 by Courtney Connolly, FamilySearch outlined the resources available to the local Church units to support the Indexing program. The list includes the following:
  • Stake Indexing Director Forum Recording: Hundreds of stake indexing directors attended this forum to receive direction and support in their calling. Watch this recording to learn about the upcoming indexing website and web-based indexing program, and also hear from Elder Dennis C. Brimhall, managing director of the Family History Department.
  • Indexing Is Vital Presentation: This presentation was created to help you communicate why indexing is so important to family history and temple work. Use this presentation in a fifth-Sunday lesson, a ward council meeting, or a meeting with your priesthood leaders to help explain the many blessings indexing provides. It is available in both PowerPointand PDF formats.
  • Stake Indexing Director Website: Newly revised, this site is now organized according to the four main responsibilities of your calling. Use the stake indexing director newsletter archive to find all prior stake indexing director newsletters.
  • Arbitration Webinar: Were you able to attend the arbitration webinar for stake indexing directors? The recording and PowerPoint are now available. View this presentation to understand your role in arbitration and how you and your stake members can become qualified to arbitrate.
  • New Website Webinar: A new indexing website has been released to pave the way for the new indexing program, which will roll out in stages during 2014. Learn how to help your stake take advantage of the new site.
At the Mesa FamilySearch Library we are seeing a greater participation by the local units in the classes we are holding for Indexing and for Family History Consultants. Both of these programs are receiving a much greater emphasis on the local level than even was evident a year ago. 

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