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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Explanation added to Ordinances that "Need More Information"

In the past, when you saw this notice, you had to search around and try to figure out what was missing from your entries so that you could proceed with the ordinances. Now from an announcement in the FamilySearch Blog we have new resources:
When you have a deceased person in your Family Tree that doesn’t have enough information to qualify for temple ordinances, Family Tree now tells you what information is needed. More than 20 different situations can trigger the “Needs More Information” ordinance status to appear, which means it can be hard for a member to figure out what critical information is missing. Now you can get help knowing exactly what is missing and how you can update the record to qualify for temple ordinance work.
On the person’s summary card, hover your mouse over the ordinance status to see an explanation. If the status is “Needs More Information,” that message now tells you what information is needed:

Also, in the LDS Ordinances section of the person’s details, the information appears right beneath the ordinance status:

This is an area where I have gotten quite a few questions over the past months and this new addition will help to explain what is missing and how to go about resolving the issues. Thanks FamilySearch. 


  1. James,

    Thank you for this info. Someone just asked me this question the other day. =)

    1. Thanks for letting me know. It always helps to know someone benefits from what I write.