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Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Tips to Expand Your Family Tree

If you are interested at all in genealogy and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints then there are some easy ways to expand your knowledge and increase your involvement in the genealogical community. I am still finding that many active members of the Church have almost no knowledge about FamilySearch, the website and even that the Church has resources online. One example is a recent post on the FamilySearch Blog for Consultants entitled "5 Tips to Expand Your Family Tree." This is an excellent post with some very specific things you can do to find research opportunities in the Family Tree program. My concern is that this type of assistance from FamilySearch (and indirectly from the Church) is not only going unheeded, but is virtually unnoticed and unknown.

Let me list some of the genealogy specific resources available to all of the members of the Church and thereby available to everyone in your Stake, from the Stake President to the individual members. To take advantage of many of these links, you will need to be signed in with an LDS account.

Here is a link to how to sign in with an LDS account and what you can do with the account:

10 Cool Things You Can Do with an LDS Account

I will start with The family history specific items are scattered around a bit but here are the main links:

OK, now let's go to Here are many of the things on that fabulous website:
Now what about the Blogs from FamilySearch? Here is a link to each one:
Do you get the idea here? Do you see somethings you are entirely missing? Do you realize that most of the members of your own Ward have no idea all of this and much, much more is only a click away?

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