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Friday, February 28, 2014

Recent important changes to FamilySearch Family Tree and Photos

Following #RootsTech 2014, there have been a plethora of changes to's Family Tree program. I would dare say that there have been changes almost every day. At some point, I will have to get into the program and see if I can figure out every single change that has occurred but for now, I will just have to be content to be surprised in the middle of classes I am teaching or when I am helping patrons at the Mesa FamilySearch Library. I will start working on a comprehensive review of the changes soon, but for the time being, here are some recent links to FamilySearch posts on the changes.

The big change is adding dates and locations to photos. See Add Date and Location to Photos, Stories and Documents. What the notice fails to mention is that you can also search the photos, documents and stories by date and location. Try searching for your old hometown to see all the photos from that same location (assuming you have an old home town).

There have been some significant changes to the way Temple ordinances are displayed and the way the procedures are set up. If you are reserving names for the Temple, you really need to understand the changes. The two posts that help are "Changes to the LDS Ordinance Tab" and "Temple Opportunity: See What to Add When Ordinance Status is "Needs More Information.""

It also helps to know that Family Tree has a link on the startup page directly to the FamilySearch Blog with articles about all the changes. Here is a screenshot showing the link:

The program will keep evolving rapidly for the time being.

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