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Friday, April 18, 2014

Disclosures and Disclaimers

There are several things that need to be disclosed and disclaimed when I write a blog post.

I am employed by Family History Expos to participate in the Expos held around the country. I am paid for expenses and some time. Also, from time to time, I have been paid or employed by other entities for presentations and writing.

I practiced law as an attorney in Arizona for over 39 years. However, I am now fully retired. Anything I write in the blog is not intended as legal advice on any current case or controversy. I do not represent Family History Expos or any individual employed by them in any legal capacity. I presently have very few clients left and will not undertake to represent any more clients in the future.

Any mention I make of products, services, websites or any other entity is fully my personal opinion and does not represent the opinion of any other entity, however I may be teaming up with some providers of genealogical services to make special offers to my readers for which I may be compensated. From time to time I have been provided with free products to review, however the reviews are my own opinions and not those of the product supplier.

I am not currently associated with FamilySearch or any of its subdivisions or entities other than in a purely voluntary basis. I am a Church Service Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints currently serving at the Mesa FamilySearch Library. This may change as I move to Provo, Utah. I volunteer to help patrons and teach classes on a weekly basis. I am an active volunteer for FamilySearch as a member of the Wiki Support Team and I am Moderator for Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. I also volunteer for FamilySearch in a variety of other capacities.

I am currently writing and publishing books and other publications for profit. Those publications I write are published both on paper and electronically. From time to time, I may promote my own personal writings on this blog. I am also a professional photographer and links to my photography blogs are on this site.

I also drive a Prius but I do not work for Toyota in any capacity. I also had an old Chevy Truck, since sold, and I refuse to work for General Motors. But I certainly appreciate anyone who does.

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