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Monday, April 28, 2014

The case for being online with your genealogy

One of the frequent questions I get from those people who attend my classes is why they should share their genealogical experiences online. I think this short video gives a brief introduction to some of the reasons. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we find ourselves in the position of being the object of both passive and active opposition and even persecution. Having an active online presence, with a genealogy blog or website or some other type of online presence is one way to "push back" in a pleasant and non-offensive way.

In addition, if we as members do not understand the importance of our own beliefs concerning the Temple and Temple work, who will? My blog is aimed at an LDS audience because I see a need for an active voice in the LDS genealogical community. If you simply read this blog as a passive non-participant, you are missing the point. For example, I recently heard that the missionaries in our Ward have gone back to tracting door to door because they need contacts. While at the same time, I know of people in the Ward area who are interested in genealogy and who are not member of the Church and need help. Where I have been able to do so, I have talked and helped these people. Just perhaps, if the Ward Mission Leader and the full-time missionaries thought about Indexing and other genealogically related activities, they just might find a few people who would be interested in hearing about the Church also. How about helping to organize a Ward or Stake genealogical fair? Or a genealogy open house?

Now before there are comments about my own responsibility in this area, understand that I have offered help many times. I cannot force people to become involved in genealogy, I can only teach and offer. In addition, I am in the process of moving out of Arizona.

When we take the opportunity to share our views and our testimonies online about the Church, the Doctrine and particularly about genealogy, we are helping to push back. With a combined effort, we can make a huge difference. Let's not abandon the genealogical field and leave it to those who are not members of the Church. We have important doctrinal reasons for being involved in genealogy and should let people know about it.

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