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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New FamilySearch Certified Programs has a number of Certified Programs that assist with special features not completely available in the Family Tree program. From the blog post announcement:

FamilySearch is also pleased to announce ST ViewScan Premium, and MagiPhoto for Windows Phone are now Tree Access Certified. Find-a-Record Research Assistanceis now Tree and OrdinanceAccess Certified . “Certified” means the product is compatible with and has features that conforms to our strict standards of quality.
The different levels of Certification are as follows:
  • Tree Share (full tree read and write) - Certified to read and write Family Tree data to match, compare, and modify records. Also includes required certification for sources, discussions, change history, and interaction with community members.
  • Tree Access (tree read only) - Certified to read Family Tree data to analyze, display, or print family history reports and charts.
  • Sources (Tree Access or Tree Share required) - Certified to read Family Tree data allowing user to match and reference online "sources' such as records, photos, documents, and media that provide evidence of events and relationships.
  • Discussions (Tree Access or Tree Share required) - Certified to read, write, and comment on discussion threads for individual records in Family Tree.
  • Change History (Tree Access or Tree Share required) - Certified to read and list changes made by contributors to the Family Tree, sources, and discussions.
  • LDS Features (Tree Access or Tree Share required) – Certified that specific data and features for 'LDS members only' can only be accessed when the user is appropriately logged in to FamilySearch. Tree Access Certification is necessary for reading ordinance information, Tree Share Certification is necessary for requesting, changing, sharing, and printing Family Ordinance Requests (FORs). 
If you go to the startup page, the link to the Products is found by clicking on the "About" link at the bottom of the page. Here is a screenshot showing the link with an arrow:

Next, you click on the Products link on the About page.

A description of the products and links to their websites are incorporated in the lists of products.

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