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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Important Updates to the Indexing Program

According to a blog post from written by Spencer Ngatuvi, Beta testing of the new Indexing program has officially started. The post stated,
Beta testing has officially started for the new indexing program, and we want to make sure that you are ready when the program officially launches. Hopefully, you have been able to stay up-to-date with some of the features of the new program. One such change will be a new reporting system for those with indexing callings.
In order to access reports from the new indexing system, you need to do a couple things. First, talk with your ward or stake clerk to make sure your name appears next to the appropriate indexing calling in the Member and Leader Services software (MLS). Your ward or stake clerk will be happy to make sure you are properly accounted for in the Church system so you can access these reports.
The second thing you need to do is make sure to update your email address. You can do this yourself:
  • Visit, and sign in to the account you use as stake indexing director, which is most likely the same as your LDS Account.
  • Click your name in the top right corner, and then click Settings.
  • Under the FamilySearch logo in the top left corner, clickthe tab labeled Contact.
  • Click inside the email box, and update your email address.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the blue Save Changes box.
 Another blog post from Janell Vasquez asks the question, "How Are You Preparing Your Stake for the New Indexing Program?" The post points out the following:

As an indexing leader in your ward or stake, your role is vital in helping your indexers and arbitrators to transition to the new program. We encourage you to learn how your volunteers are feeling about the transition and show empathy for any who may struggle with the change. When the new program is launched, you may need to work with some volunteers individually, reassuring and training them until they are comfortable using the new system.
The post asks for feedback on your plans for helping to prepare indexers for the new program.

Yet another blog post was entitled "More Blessed to Give Than to Receive" by Michael Judson. It refers to a video. Here is a quote from the post:
Feeling inspired that FamilySearch indexing could help lead the members of the Chorley England Stake to greater personal righteousness, stake president David Pickup issued a challenge to his stake members. Members who took the challenge seriously enjoyed blessings not typically associated with an activity that some describe as “data entry.”
Watch this video to learn how FamilySearch indexing proves that one is truly more blessed by giving than by receiving.
This post also asks for feedback.

A blog post by Courtney Connolly asks the question, "Peer to Peer: How Can I Help My Stake Try Intermediate Projects?" Quoting from the post:

Many indexers choose to index beginner projects because they feel safe doing them. This choice makes perfect sense unless it’s your ancestor’s information that happens to be trapped in an intermediate or advanced record. Indexing is the key to unlocking information about our ancestors, including the ones who had the misfortune of having their life’s details recorded by someone with bad handwriting or poor organization skills.
The post goes on to give several responses from Indexers in countries around the world.

If you are not getting email notifications of these blog posts, you need to make sure you are registered as consultant on and also in your Settings on and in the Indexing programs.

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