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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Where are all those FamilySearch Blog Posts?

In the not-too-distant past, FamilySearch issued only intermittent blog posts. They would go a few weeks without putting out any information and then, in a burst, launch a huge number of posts all at once. That has changed. FamilySearch posts new information almost daily. In the last week, which is typical, they have posted more than one blog post a day. I do not automatically reproduce every single blog post. I usually pick those that have my personal interest or which I think have more than daily significance. So, to see the whole picture, you might want to subscribe for yourself.

In addition, when I choose a post to discuss, unless it is a specific announcement, I usually comment on the content. But where are all of those blog posts? Online, they are all posted to Here is how you find them. First, go to the startup page and scroll to the very bottom. Here is a screen shot showing where the link to the blogs is located:

Don't worry about the pictures. Most of the content on the FamilySearch startup page is user driven. So the photos and links that occur are customized for your personal use. Clicking on this link brings up the FamilySearch Blog. Here is a screenshot of today's listings:

What you might not realize is that you are looking at only a small part of what has been posted by FamilySearch. Look at the right-hand side of the page and you will see a list of Categories. You might not realize that each of these "Categories" is a completely different set of blog posts. If you subscribe to the FamilySearch blog, you may or may not be getting all of these blog posts, depending on what you have told FamilySearch in your settings on and on

Here is a screenshot with the list highlighted:

Each of those categories has a completely different list of blog posts which do not necessarily show up in the main list each day. Here is an example of one of the categories, the Family History Library:

You could go through and subscribe to each category or you could sign up with FamilySearch and receive email notifications of every category. Just be aware that you will likely receive more than one post every day, sometimes four or five or more.


  1. Not all categories are listed on the right of the main Blog page. The Family History Consultants category, for instance, is not listed.

    1. Good point, there are more blog posts than those listed.