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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Video Collections for Training Stake and Ward Family History Leaders

In writing this blog, I frequently refer to the need for Ward and Stake leader to follow the guidelines in the guidebook entitled, "To Turn The Hearts, Leader's Guide to Temple and Family History Work." To reinforce the teachings in the guidebook, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has produced a series of videos. Links to these videos are on the Leader Resources page of the Family History Callings section of

The video instructions fall into four categories:

  • Featured Videos
  • Training for My Calling Videos
  • Individual Stories and Topics Videos
  • Leaders' Secrets of Success Videos
Here is a screenshot of the video section of the Family History Callings page:

One of the key factors to success in implementing family history activities in the Wards and Stakes is following the guidelines in the guidebook. From my own experience, there are two key components to implementing a successful program: first, that each individual act in accordance with the activities and duties outlined in the guidebook and second, that the Wards and Stakes call adequate numbers of qualified family history and Indexing consultants. 

It seems strange to me, when I talk to a High Priest Group Leader or High Councilor, to find that they are either entirely unaware of the guidebook and provisions in the Handbook 2 for family history or that they claim to be familiar with the guidebook but are not following any of the procedures outlined.  For example, I have been a Family History Consultant for about 8 or 9 years and I have yet to have one meeting with the Ward High Priest Group Leader. For most of those years, the High Priest Group Leader was entirely unaware of any of the family history activities in the Ward. 

There is no substitute for reviewing and implementing the guidelines in the guidebook. 

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