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Sunday, October 12, 2014

LDS Based Sources for Family History

Most newly involved family historians in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints become quickly aware of the some of the resources contained in the vast website and a few even make it over to the resources on But the list of Church sponsored family history resources is much longer than this one website. There are many, many more affiliated websites that contain valuable information. I thought I would spend some time and make a partial list of these resources. Here is the list. Bear in mind that it is not intended to be exhaustive and there are more resources hiding out there on the Internet. Further, exploring any one of these websites may take hours or even days.

Individual Family History Libraries or FamilySearch Libraries have very extensive and useful websites. Here are a few of the larger ones:

Brigham Young University has a remarkably large number of valuable family history resources scattered around in their huge website. Here are a few of the more accessible resources:

There are two other FamilySearch websites not usually visited by researchers but with valuable information:

The Church History Library also has a lot of valuable digitized documents and resources as does the website.

There are many other resources in the University libraries in Utah and elsewhere that you should investigate. Try searching for LDS history genealogy and see the results. 

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