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Friday, October 3, 2014

More about merging duplicates in FamilySearch Family Tree

I got the following comment from a reader:
In reference to merging duplicates. Sometimes it says that a record can’t be merge and looks like someone has identified it “not a match”, when it clearly is. No matter what direction you come from, you can’t merge it.

Other times it’s been identified as “not a match”, when it clearly is, but it give you the option to merge it anyway after asking “are you sure?”

Please tell us the mechanics behind this and what to do in this situation, if anything. I noticed this you said more to come on the merging topic, so maybe this could be included (if you understand my explanation!)...
This particular question address several different, related issues. In a recent post, I mentioned the Help Center topic entitled, "Cannot merge duplicate records in Family Tree."  Note that you may need to be signed in with an LDS Account to see the entire topic article. The first consideration from the question above is addressed in another Help Center topic entitled, "Removing a record from the Not a Match list." The instructions are as follows:
  • Open the Details page of the person whose Not a Match list you want to see.
  • To get to the Details page in Family Tree, click the person's name. The summary card appears.
  • On the person's summary card, click PERSON. The person’s Details page appears.
  • At the right, under Tools, click Possible Duplicates. A list of possible duplicates appears.
  • Click the Not a Match tab. The records that have been identified as not matching this person are listed.
  • If you want to move a person back to the list of possible duplicates, or if you want to compare and merge the records, follow these steps:
  1. Click the person’s May Be a Match link.
  2. Enter a reason why you think this record may be a match.
  3. Click May Be a Match. The person moves to the list of Possible Duplicates.
  • Click the Possible Duplicates tab.
  • Click the person’s Review Merge button. The merge screen appears. The rest of the process works the same as merging duplicate records. You can review the record and either merge it or indicate it is not a match.
I think if you go through the process of removing the Not a Matches then the merge might work. 

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