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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's New on

In addition to the changes in the Memories section of the website, there have been a number of other changes over the past month or so. Here is a list of the new features:
  • More Ordinance Information on the Traditional and Descendancy Views
  • Changes to Memories Are Included in the List of Latest Changes
  • Members Can Edit Their Own Name and Birth Information
  • You Can Filter Names in the History List
  • Getting a Free Partner Account for 13-17 Year Olds
  • Single Sign-In for and
  • Learning Center Pages
  • Add a Person: Improved Wording for a Found Match
  • View Image From the Record Details Popup
  • Location Information in Search Map
These changes are explained in detail in a blog post by Steve Anderson entitled, appropriately enough, "What's New -- September, 2014". If you thought that the changes in FamilySearch Family Tree were slowing down, I guess you will still have to wait a while. I'm sorry for not getting this out sooner. I get almost 100 emails a day and sometimes things get pushed down on the list really fast. 

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