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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Riverton FamilySearch Library Online Guides

The Riverton FamilySearch Library has a substantial number of handouts and guides. These are online and located through a link from the Get Help section of This FamilySearch Library is located in Riverton, Utah, just south of Salt Lake City.  The above image is an example of the type of handout or guide available.

This particular resource illustrates an important point about FamilySearch and There are a tremendous number of resources explaining how and why everything on this vast website works and how it all works, but you need to do some digging and exploration to find everything. It is important to go to the Get Help link in the upper right-hand corner of every page of Here is a screenshot showing the link:

I keep mentioning this fact because I continue to get questions that can be answered in a few minutes using the Get Help link. You may have to dig around a little or better said, click around a little, to find the answer, but there is more information here than you can begin to use all at once.

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