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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fun and Challenging FamilySearch Family Tree Games on Ancestor Guru

I recently got a suggestion from a reader about a fun and challenging games and puzzles website connected to's Family Tree program. The interface for this small website is spar, but the games are really intriguing and engaging. The website is the Ancestor Guru.

There are presently four games. Here is a screenshot of the Scrambled Tree game:

This game could be a real challenge to someone who was not well acquainted with their first five generations of ancestors. I think this is what has been missing from genealogy. I realize there are other game websites out there, but most have taken the physical board game or trivia pursuit type of approach. For a sample of other "fun" projects, see Family History Activities for Children: 3-11.

Here are some additional links that might be of interest:


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  2. Thanks for the nod James. There are some sites here I hadn't seen. I can't wait to take a look.

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