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Friday, February 27, 2015

Imminent makeover of FamilySearch Family Tree

For some time now,'s Beta test site has been demonstrating a new "traditional" view of the Family Tree program. According to a very recent blog post from FamilySearch entitled, "New Traditional View in Family Tree," the changes to the main program had already been made. From looking at the website today and during the past two days, it appears that the announcement was premature. Of course, the change could come any time.

Here is a screenshot of the Beta program. So watch for the change, when it comes.

From the description in the blog post, I assume that the new interface will look pretty much like the Beta site.

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  1. What will make it look vastly different is if you choose to have a dark background behind the traditional pedigree, rather than the light one we are used to. And of course the portraits and Indicators on each couple box will be a great addition. Cool.