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Tuesday, February 17, 2015 now taken off-line

In a significant step towards the resolution of the current limitations of the Family Tree, the program was finally taken off-line. Here is a screenshot of the notice:

This notice appears if you try and access The significance of taking down the old program is outlined in the notice. As FamilySearch points out, data testing, transfer, and retesting will take another year to complete. Essentially, this means that data is still being transferred from the program and users of the Family Tree can expect to see changes being made in additional data being added by FamilySearch.

The resolution of the limitation issues imposed by will be put off until this data transfer, etc. process is completed. Of course this does not mean that changes to the program will cease, it merely means that the process of cleaning up the data presently in Family Tree can proceed more rapidly once the old program is taken down completely.

Much of the frustration expressed by users of the Family Tree revolves around the difficulties of resolving duplicate entries and inconsistent or wrong data in the program. Presently users can make only limited changes to the Family Tree.

It is especially good news to see progress being made towards this resolution.

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