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Monday, May 18, 2015

LDS App has extensive Family History resources

The LDS Library app for mobile devices has added a huge library of Temple and Family History resources. Here is a screenshot of the place to download the app from

The Temple and Family History resources appear as a selection on the main Library menu list of icons. Here is another screenshot from my iPhone showing the icon:

There is an extensive library of resources in this one section of the app. The list includes the following categories:

  • Family Discovery Days
  • Member's Guide to Temple and Family History
  • October 2010 Ensign
  • Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple
  • Endowed from on High
  • Getting Started
  • Member Experiences
  • Priesthood Leadership
  • Indexing
  • Missionary Work
  • Server Others
  • Beginning Research
  • Church Service Missionaries
  • FamilySearch Facts

You may not have noticed this section on your mobile device and perhaps others have not either. Please take the time to alert others about this valuable Temple and Family History resource through Facebook, Google+ and other social media outlets.

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