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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Valuable Updates to the Family Tree Training Lessons and Videos

There are extensive and valuable updates to the Family Tree Training Lessons and Videos. This series of Lessons is found in the Learning Center link under the Get Help link in the upper right-hand corner on each page of the website. Most of the changes are to Levels One (Beginning) and Level Two (Intermediate). I believe that you will find these lessons to be extensive and cover almost every aspect of the Family Tree.

The "Sandbox" activities give you an opportunity to practice with sample data from the Family Tree without making changes to the actual, live Family Tree program. To begin learning how to use the Sandbox, you can start with 1. Using The Navigation Sandbox.

Here are the lessons that have been updated on Level One Navigation:
The following lessons in the Level One Adding Information -- Part 2 have also been updated:
There are some significant changes to the Temple problems and Sandbox Activity for Reserving Names also. 

There are also significant changes to Level Two. Here is a list of the changes in the different sections:

Duplicates and Family Relationships -- Part 2
IGI (International Genealogical Index) Sources

The Photos section has had some additional changes.


I just sat through a class with Leland Moon, the developer of all these lessons, and I can assure you, even if you think you know how Family Tree works, you need to review the new lessons. Get busy.

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  1. I loved working in the FH Library with Leland Moon, the creator/owner of these lessons, and help teach classes using the Sandbox fake database. He is a genius and the hardest working person I've ever met. Totally dedicated!