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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What Happened to the FamilySearch link on

If you have used recently, you should be aware that the program has been "updated" with a whole new look. The content and look of the individual detail pages has changed. Here is a screenshot of the new look:

I have been getting a lot of comments about the "new look," as I do with the major change in any of the major genealogy websites. However, there is a real issue here. Previously, the detail page for each individual in my family tree gave me the option of connecting that individual with the Family Tree. The link allowed me to share information between the two programs and add family members from Family Tree to my family tree.

This link does not appear in the new design of the individual detail pages. I have searched carefully in every menu and link but cannot find the previously available connection? Anyone out there know if the link is available and if so, its location? I hope there is no serious reason for the link's disappearance.


  1. I'm not seeing the new look yet but have put out some feelers to others.

  2. I ended up just exiting the beta after a few days. There is a drop down box in the upper right hand corner of the website.

  3. I also found that comments made to individuals by others do not show up in this new Beta view. :-(

  4. I called several weeks ago and was told by an Ancestry rep that the feature would be included in a future update.