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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Where are the LDS Family History Blogs?

There are over 3,000 online genealogy related blogs according to a list maintained by GeneaBloggers. I started this LDS oriented blog back in October of 2013 and I recently wondered how many other family history (read genealogy) blogs oriented to LDS readers there are out there in the huge online world. By the way, this blog is not listed by the GeneaBloggers website. Now don't misunderstand what I am saying, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of blogs posted by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There just do not seem to be a significant number of them that focus on family history per se in the Church.

I did a Google search for the following terms: "mormon lds genealogy blog family history." I found very few online offerings other than blogs published by itself or from the Church. I did find a blog post by my daughter, Amy, on The Keepapitchinin blog. But that blog would be considered a Mormon History blog rather than family history. As I paged through the results of the search (which I normally would not do), I did find several blog posts referencing the Church and family history. I also found a few blogs and blog posts from the FamilySearch or Family History Centers around the world.

I became some what concerned when my own blog did not show up in the search but I did run into a link to Genealogy's Star, my other blog. After reviewing four or five pages of results, finally gave up. I went back and examined the format and content of this, my own, blog and realized that I do not use the terms "Mormon" or "LDS" very frequently or at all on my website, so I added in some info to my tag line. I also went back and did my search using the complete name of the Church.

This second search turned up a different list of results but none of them revealed blogs dedicated solely to family history and the Church. The second search also failed to turn up the present blog. Well, I am glad that somebody has found my blog despite the fact that searching online does not seem to turn up this or any other Church oriented family history blogs.

Here's what I suggest. I certainly do not wish to compete in any way with the list generated by GeneaBloggers, but I think it would be nice to have a list of blogs from bloggers who wish to be known as LDS family history bloggers or whatever. I would think that any such blog would have a prominent statement that their blog was so oriented.

I will compile such a list, if you, the readers, will send me the links. You can put the links in comments or send me email directly. I will then start a separate page on this blog listing all the Church oriented blogs I receive. The page will appear as a separate tab below the heading of this blog. Do not bother to send me links to blogs that do not prominently announce their orientation. Just because you are member of the Church and write a blog does not mean you write about family history in the Church.


  1. Our website states that we are not affiliated with or represent the Church, but the only things we deal with are how LDS members and FH consultants can use Family Tree and Consultant resources to further their own family history and help other to do likewise. And while our site is more than a blog, (it is a database,) as you know many of our presentations reference not only your blogs, but those of others like LDS bloggers Amy Archibald and Barry J Ewell, as well as non LDS like Lisa L Cooke, Randy Seaver, Dear Myrtle and others. Family History centers put out newsletter type blogs less frequently, but should be mentioned too. Good luck. I think you've found an unusual omission Re: LDS FH bloggers.

  2. James, this is why I've been so excited about this blog. It's the only one I've found that addresses family history from the LDS perspective. Thank you so much. I'll be interested to see the list you're able to create with responses to this blog post.

  3. Here are some family history blogs that significantly often post LDS specific posts:
    I believe Granite Genealogy, Ancestry Insider, Larry Cragun, and others have some very LDS posts. I have a couple, but it is definitely not my main theme. Your blog is special.

  4. Would Jana Last have an LDS specific blog? I follow on one of her blogs about genealogy, but not specifically related to LDS. I am not LDS, but I know she is and that she has several blogs.


  6. My blog is going to be LDS focused. I just started it!