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Saturday, July 18, 2015

FamilySearch App Gallery jumps to 95 listed Apps

Briefly, the last couple of days, the App Gallery jumped to 96 Apps, but then dropped down to its more recent total of 95. If you click on any of the large icons representing the various programs or Apps, you can see more details about that particular App. Here is an example if I click on the link to see the "A Family Tree by FamilySearch - iOS." If you want to see all of the Apps at once, you have to click on the menu and view "All Categories."

You might want to spend a few minutes and review the offerings. The Apps are available on the Web or for specific operations systems, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The Apps may be free, available on subscription or have a one time payment. By the way, the term "App" is nothing more than a jargon term for program or application. The Apps fall into several different categories. Some are full-blown applications and others are utilities designed to work with the Family Tree.

There is a provision for ranking the programs or Apps with stars. The present rankings are based on very few responses and are not at all reliable. They will only become reliable as people rank the programs. If you want more reliable family history reviews, see

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