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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Introduction of The Family History Guide

The Family History Guide was formally introduced as a App in the App Gallery recently. The image above is the info page for the new App. Here is the explanation of the App from the page:
The Family History Guide helps you get started - and get farther - with your family history. There are links to over 1,000 videos and articles, all integrated into a step-by-step learning plan for learners of all levels. Projects include Family Tree, Memories, Descendants or Ordinances, Discover (research for over 35 countries), Indexing, Help, and Technology. Classroom materials are also available for instructors who want to teach using The Family History Guide.
I also wrote a post on this event for Genealogy's Star.

The Family History Guide is a comprehensive, structured introduction to the website and to doing family history research. Here is a summary from the website:
About The Family History Guide
The Family History Guide is a website that represents a best-in-class learning environment for family history. Its scope is broad, but its focus is narrow enough to help you achieve your goals, step by step. Whether you're brand new to family history or a seasoned researcher - or somewhere in between - The Family History Guide can be your difference maker.

Here are some of the unique features you'll find on the site:
  • Over 350 Goals for learning, supported by over 600 flexible Choices
  • Step-by-step instructions to make learning easier
  • Links to over 1,000 videos and articles from FamilySearch, Ancestry, and more
  • Quick-links to search records from multiple sources
  • Project Tracker sheets and Classroom materials for self-study or group instruction
Like any worthwhile pursuit, family history has two essential elements: Learning and Doing. Let's see how The Family History Guide helps you do both, to help you gain that important sense of connection with your family tree.
I will be teaching a series of classes at the Brigham Young University Family History Library about this new product in September.

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  1. Will your classes on the Family History Guide app be available online for those of us who aren't near enough to attend on campus?