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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Old and New Microfilm Numbers from FamilySearch

You might not be aware of the fact that the numbering system for the microfilm from FamilySearch and available at the Family History Library has changed over the years. Here is a quote on the subject from the Research Wiki article entitled, "Old film numbers."
The old GS (Genealogical Society) film numbers refer to a former catalog numbering system. They were five-digit numbers followed by a one- to four-digit part number. Here are several ways to convert the old GS film numbers into the current Family History Library film numbers.
There are also other articles in the Research Wiki on the same subject:
These are rather extensive articles. Here are even more references on the subject of searching in the FamilySearch Catalog:


  1. Thank you for sharing your very helpful knowledge about Family Search resources. They make great topics for group discussions and lessons. I do have a question about the lack of a Family Search Library in the Mesa-Phoenix area-is there any other location designated in our area that we can order films and microfiche records for research?

    1. You order films online. All of the official Family History Centers can receive the films. There is a very good Family History Center in Phoenix. Go to and click on Get Help in the upper right hand corner, for information about a Family History Center in your area. See