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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back to the App Gallery

The App Gallery keeps growing. At the time of this post, it has 111 apps listed. To see all the apps at once, you have to click on the Categories link and view All Categories. It is important to realize that this is simply an advertising listing of the apps. Many of the apps (programs) listed are free but some involve purchase or subscription. Some of the apps are certified, meaning that they have a special arrangement with FamilySearch to work with the website in some way. There are presently 67 of the apps that feature the green certified FamilySearch icon.

The new introductory screen on the App Gallery highlights the "New and Noteworthy." The tag line says, "These are apps either just added to the App Gallery or ones you should pay attention to." Is this a suggestion that we don't need to pay attention to the rest? The new and noteworthy section has 8 apps including FamilySearch's own Family Tree app. Perhaps this is a rotating section like specials at a supermarket? Interestingly, as far as I could tell none of the apps featured were especially "new."

55 of the Apps are Web-based. This means that the apps or programs do not reside on your computer but are only available with an Internet connection. However all of these will likely work on any device, Mac, Windows, mobile or whatever as long as there is a connection to the Internet through a browser.

Five of the apps are also FamilySearch "Partners." The current list of "Partners" includes Ancestry, MyHeritage, Findmypast, and AmericanAncestors. The Partners account for about ten of the apps.

38 of the apps involve "LDS Features." Some of the apps listed with LDS Features are not FamilySearch Certified. If this seems confusing, it is to me also.

I really like the idea of listing programs or apps that help with family history. I am not sure what the criteria is for listing a program or not listing a program. For example, there will be two classes at the RootsTech 2016 Conference on the Evernote program, but that app or program is not listed in the App Gallery. There will also be two classes on "Apps" for family history. Neither of the class descriptions mention which apps they will be talking about however.

I certainly suggest that anyone involved in family history in more than a casual way become familiar with the Apps in the App Gallery. Some of them are invaluable tools that assist us in compiling our family history.

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  1. Interesting! I didn't realize that some of apps listed don't work with FamilySearch at all. After reading this I looked around the app gallery and noticed that in order for an app to be FamilySearch certified, they have to meet both of these requirements: "This app can read information from your FamilySearch Account;" and "This app can update information into your FamilySearch Account." Some of the apps can only read info from your FamilySearch account so they are not FamilySearch certified.

    Like you, I wonder how they decide which apps to link to, especially apps that don't read or update info to your FamilySearch account. Apps like MooseRoots and StoryPress seem to have similar missions to FamilySearch, so maybe that has something to do with it.