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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Editing Family Relationships Now Easier on the FamilySearch Family Tree

Editing family relationships on the Family Tree just got a lot easier. The new options are available from the little edit icon in the Family View for each individual. This is a dramatic improvement over the previous procedures. This new view and feature is not automatically present yet. Some of the users get invitations to use the new feature. By all means, take advantage of this new feature.

Another new development that goes along with the feature is that the "Delete Person" option is no longer available. Here is a screenshot of the change: posted an article on the subject entitled, "New Features in the Family Members Section Make Correcting Relationships Easier." I would also suggest that you review this blog post. Here is a list, from the post, about the new features:
When you click an edit icon, here are some of the changes you can make using the fly-out:
  • Add or modify marriage information for the parents.
  • Change the parents for a child. (Hint: To change a parent for all the children listed, use the edit relationship icon for the husband and wife.)
  • Change an incorrect spouse.
  • Add or change the relationship type (such as biological, step, or adopted).
  • Add sources that show that the relationship is correct.
When you click a Wrong Person or Wrong Parents link, you’ll have the option to remove or replace the incorrect person.
 If you haven't seen these new developments yet, they are being phased in and you may see them soon.

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