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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A New Dimension to Digital Images on

Here is a view of digitized records from a parish in Denmark from that you may not have seen yet.

If you navigate to the FamilySearch Catalog and look for resources, you will see some new little icons to right of a catalog entry. Here is a screenshot of what this particular film looks like in the catalog.

The arrow points to the new little icons indicating that a digital view of the entire microfilm role is available in thumbnail images. Clicking on the film icon will take you, not to the Historic Record Collections, but to a viewer that will show the entire microfilm roll in the thumbnail images shown above. The advantage of the small, complete images is that you can navigate the microfilm much more rapidly than you can if the images were viewed sequentially, online.

You can zoom in on any image in the thumbnail and view the detail in the page. Breaks between sections of the microfilm's sections are detectable on the thumbnail views thereby facilitating the use of the entire roll. If there is no camera icon, then that particular roll of microfilm has not be digitized.

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