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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Where is FamilySearch online? is well known as a huge online family history website, but that is not the only place FamilySearch has an online presence. It has been a long time since I reviewed all the FamilySearch websites, so I thought I might check to see what's out there in FamilySearch-land.

FamilySearch has a significant presence on, and It has recently begun adding more content on also. In fact, is also becoming a hot spot for family history. In fact, the increasing interest in family history Pinterest boards has motivated me to start pinning to something besides my own Photography board more frequently. There is also a FamilySearch page on

Here are some screenshots of the social networking side of FamilySearch.

Here is the FamilySearch page on

And here is another screenshot of the FamilySearch site.

OK, but FamilySearch also has a lot of other Internet presence. You might want to check out the FamilySearch article on Wikipedia. Of course, FamilySearch has two Apps in the iTunes App Store and the Google Store. Here is a screenshot of one of the ads in the iTunes App Store.

There is a substantial amount of family history content on the website also. You may have to search a bit to discover all the resources.

Here are some other links to FamilySearch related websites:

There are probably quite a few more, but they get buried in the huge number of Google responses to a search for FamilySearch.

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