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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Relative Race -- A new show from BYU-TV

Before computers and the Internet took over the media, you were at the mercy of the local TV stations or the cable companies for access to some programs. BYU-TV is a 24 hour-a-day, online option for watching the shows produced by the Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. BYU-TV has produced several shows of interest to genealogists. The new offering, Relative Race, sounds like another winner. Here is a comment about the show from the FamilySearch Blog article, "Relative Race--A New Show on BYU-TV.
What would be more amazing than a race to not only have a chance to win $25K, but to find and meet relatives you didn’t know you had? BYU-TV has the exclusive showing of a new reality TV series called Relative Race. The show will air with 11 episodes starting on Sunday, February 28th, 6 PM MT. The show is in partnership with AncestryDNA. DNA test results is how they found the relatives of each participant. During a RootsTech premier showing of the first episode, viewers were laughing and feeling the tension from the drama the couples go through in competing. 
The show is a combination of fun, emotion, drama, stress, lots of humor and the joy of learning about family. Rules involve giving up technology and going old school with maps and asking help from strangers. Just deciding who will drive and who will look at the map was funny and something most couples can relate to. Unlike a similar show the contestants drive to different cities each day and have challenges that are unique to each couple. Each couple has a specified time limit to arrive at the next destination and whoever goes over that time limit may be up for a strike. Three strikes and the couple is out. Each night they end up at a relative's home and spend the night with these newfound relatives.
You might want to check this out and even try for the competition.

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